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Major Site Update

December 9th, 2013

So thanks to some input from patrons and friends, and more than a little assistance from a technical resource, the new home page is up at and the early response has been very responsive. I admit I am still inclined towards the simpler light-weight, no-frills, 56K friendly approach. It is easy to forget that there are a lot of folks still using standard modems for their internet, just as it is easy to forget that just because machines have lots of RAM, we do not need to write bloat-ware that does not deliver more than a more efficient approach would call for. All of that being said, I am a huge fan of high-speed and just wish we would get it rolled across the nation and into every house through a centralized program that approaches it like interstate highways, but better managed of course.


November 23rd, 2013


Real progress this past week as some of my work has surfaced onto Amazon. It is very strange to see it up there. I feel like a creature of darkness harpooned and dragged into the light in front of a congressional inquiry board. I would be worried, but I know that they would never be able to decide what to do with me.

This link should show all of what I have up at any given point:

Oil Pastels

November 17th, 2013

Oil Pastels

When I first started doing art, I would haunt Max’s Art Supplies ( in Westport, CT. The possibilities suggested at every corner and in each aisle were astonishing to me in a sort of platonic muse manner. Years later when I started to really paint, I found my way back and purchased most of my supplies there, most especially oil pastels, colored pencils and charcoal.

It was thinking of oil pastels that reminded me of this wonderful store that I have not been to in almost two decades.
Oil pastels when I go elsewhere are frustrating – they come in sets. So I never want to buy them. What am I going to do with orange, pink, and beige and I know I will run through the meager supply of black, crimson, and blue in an hour. This inefficiency stalls me most of the time and has caused a large supply of singularly useless colors to accumulate in my cave.

It is not that I have something against them – well, not too much - it is just I am not going to use them. It strikes me that this may be, in some annoying way, a metaphor for life. Sort of as if I have to watch Friends (orange) to balance The Walking Dead (black) or read Harry Potter (beige) to merit reading Game of Thrones (crimson). Perhaps even work with SharePoint (pink) instead of JavaScript (blue). Maybe I need to do a really large piece of work that is somehow beige, orange and pink, but it will require a lot of Angry Orchard (!